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About Impromptu Runs

The Department of Mains Roads has introduced into the SIV Scheme the impromptu event that allows us to submit privet runs on our website. The following is from the transport website at
Rallies and events (including impromptu events) must be listed in the incorporated club newsletter or on the incorporated club’s website or social media page (or in another manner approved by the club or ASRF, such as the club calendar of events) prior to the event. The administrative process for supporting an event is at the discretion of an individual club or ASRF and must ensure members comply with the special interest vehicle conditions and restrictions of use.
NOTE :- Your impromptu run must be submitted before you start as the time and date you log it is recorded. TVVHMC will not be responsible if you do not list your impromptu run on this page and are not responsible for any incidents that may occur on the impromptu run. We are just providing a platform for our members to submit their impromptu run on our website to comply with the Department Of Mains Roads SIV Scheme.



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